What We Can Do For You (WWCDFY)

What Can We Do For You?


We can help you articulate your idea into a proper business plan and assist in mapping out your marketing, commercialization and growth strategies. We can also provide consultancy and development services with regards to the actual design and development of your product/solution and service and we work on offline and online platforms whether, it's through web applications, mobile apps or social media platforms.


We are first and foremost, Strategic Planners. With experience in technology, finance and the corporate sectors, we have a dynamic knowledge base that can be tapped on to provide the best consulting and development experience to clients. From writing up a business plan, to structuring your company, right up to sourcing for funding for your business, we at CFR Sdn Bhd, are here to help.


To talk more and get some details sorted out, please contact us. The coffee is on us! Or if you'd rather, Teh Tarik'!